Top 5 PPC Best Practices for Your Company

At InterActive Circle, we can help you maximize the use of these practices for the benefit of your online marketing efforts. If you want your online ads’ performance to increase substantially, consider implementing the following five PPC best practices.

Retargeting by Long Tail Keywords

A majority of website visitors to your landing page who arrive from a specific keyword search do not convert. However, the mere fact that they used a specific keyword to get to your page constitutes important information you can utilize.

The visitor arriving at your page has a measure of intent you can leverage effectively. This can be done by ensuring that the next piece of content or ad you present through your pay per click platform is directly related to the content of your landing page or the keyword they used.

You can do this by developing a list of retargeted users for each ad group subject using the UTM parameter.

Use Lookalikes

You can also upgrade your retargeting efforts by using lookalikes.

Creating lookalike audiences allows you to reach targeted customers that have the same or similar interests or attributes to your existing audiences. You can create these lookalikes on Facebook, Google Similar Audiences, and elsewhere. This is an effective tool to help you develop new audiences, multiply your campaigns, and improve your return on investment.

Use Emojis

The use of emojis has been shown to reduce drop-off rate and accurately portray the sentiments of survey respondents. Emojis used in conjunction with PPC ads can engender a motion with prospective customers, acquire their attention, and help you convey your message in a fun and friendly way.

Reverse Engineer Your Conversion Funnel

Marketers are looking for conversions. It is common knowledge that most clicks do not result in a conversion. Maximizing the effectiveness of your conversion funnel is crucial. To accomplish this, it is important to examine what top of the file actions can reliably lead to lower tunnel conversions.

By evaluating the responses of your users throughout your PPC funnel, you can discover ways to improve engagement with your ads and landing pages before shifting your customers to the next stage of your funnel. This can ultimately help you achieve more conversions.

Dynamically Change Your Landing Page for Each Audience Type

By creating a customized landing page for specific search term that relates to specific targeted audiences, you can more effectively reach potential customers as they receive your targeted message.

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