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Paid Digital Media

Your Target Audience is Just a Click Away.

IAC offers Paid Search, Targeted Display, Geo-Fencing, Email Marketing and Streaming solutions. Paid Digital Media is strong in delivering more leads or sales in less time. InterActive Circle is an accomplished Paid Digital Media agency and our services can help you target a specific audience and quickly increase leads and revenue. We balance your media budget with a carefully crafted strategy that delivers consistent results.

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“We are most definitely going to keep SEO going with you guys. Thanks again for all the hard work.”

IT Director, Online Retail Company

Targeted Display

Unlock the power of Programmatic Display, an outbound advertising tactic tailored to your specific audience. We empower you to pinpoint and engage the customers you’ve identified as your target, ensuring every outreach is strategic and impactful. This dynamic strategy propels potential customers toward the conversion stage, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind.

What we promise:

  • Behavioral Targeting:
    • Reach consumers based on their online behavior and tracked interests.
  • Content Targeting:
    • Directly engage with users exploring content relevant to your target audience.
  • Demographic Targeting:
    • Precision-target a specific age, income level, and/or gender to reach your ideal consumers.
  • Geographic Targeting:
    • Fine-tune your approach by targeting users based on location – from zip codes to states.
  • Site Retargeting:
    • Bring back users who’ve previously visited your website, reinforcing brand recall.
  • Search Retargeting:
    • Strategically target users based on their keyword searches.
  • Frequency Targeting:
    • Take control of how often your ad is viewed, ensuring optimal exposure.
  • Day Parting:
    • Strategically time when users encounter your message for maximum impact.
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Geo Fencing and Device ID Targeting

Welcome to the forefront of digital advertising with IAC’s Geo Fencing and Device ID (DID) Targeting, a cutting-edge strategy that transforms user engagement. Harnessing the location histories and timestamps of opted-in mobile devices, DID Targeting allows us to connect with users based on their past experiences, creating bespoke, first-party audiences.

  • Marketing with Device ID Targeting (DID)
    • Welcome to the forefront of digital advertising with IAC’s Device ID (DID) Targeting, a cutting-edge strategy that transforms user engagement. Harnessing the location histories and timestamps of opted-in mobile devices, DID Targeting allows us to connect with users based on their past experiences, creating bespoke, first-party audiences.
  • Tailored Targeting for Commercial Addresses
    • Geoframe Audience – Craft precision with custom geoframes around commercial addresses. Perfect for drawing specific boundaries around up to 50 locations, ensuring your message reaches the right audience in the right place.
  • Quick Select Audience
    • Effortlessly target places like coffee shops or Walmarts in a specific city, state, or zip code(s) with Quick Select. While not as detailed as geoframing, it offers a swift way to capture broad but relevant audiences.
  • Commercial Address Audience
    • For more extensive lists exceeding 50 locations, our Commercial Address Audience option lets you upload and target with a similar radius as Quick Select. A seamless solution for comprehensive outreach.
  • Demographic Audience
    • Craft precise audiences based on demographic information in a specific state, MSA, or zip code(s). Whether targeting high-income users in Minneapolis, MN MSA or other demographics, we’ve got you covered.
  • Residential Address Targeting
    • Device ID Address Match – Looking to engage users at their residential addresses? Upload your list, and our proprietary algorithm associates device IDs with residential locations, optimizing for peak user engagement hours.
  • Real-time Microproximity Targeting
    • Go beyond the past – focus on real-time user locations. Draw radii as small as 1 meter around a list of locations, including international ones, or search by business type or name in a specific region.

Email Marketing with Targeted Precision

Unlock the power of precision in your email campaigns with Interactive Circle (IAC). Our Email Targeting brings a new level of sophistication to your outreach, allowing you to tailor your messages based on geography, demographics, lifestyle, consumer interests, automotive preferences, and B2B specifics.

  • Demographic Precision
    • Refine your audience based on age groups, ensuring your message resonates with the right generation.
  • Ethnicity/Language
    • Speak directly to diverse audiences by targeting specific ethnicities and languages.
  • Gender
    • Craft gender-specific messages to enhance relevance and engagement.
  • Income, Home Market Value, Religion, Presence of Children
    • Fine-tune your targeting based on financial demographics, home market value, religion, and the presence of children for highly personalized communication.
  • Lifestyle Precision
    • Education – Reach out to individuals based on their educational background.
    • Donors/Philanthropy – Connect with those passionate about making a difference through philanthropy.
    • Consumer Interests – Tailor your messages to align with the diverse interests of your audience, from book lovers to sports enthusiasts. Books & Magazines, Collectors, Music, Outdoor Activities, Shopping Interests, Sports.
    • Automotive Targeting – Engage with car owners or those actively considering a purchase based on specific make and year. Owners/Intenders by Make and Year.
    • Business to Business – For B2B campaigns, refine your target audience by company types and specific business occupations. Company Types, Business Occupations

Immerse Your Audience with Streaming Audio and TV Advertising.

Our expertise extends to purchasing audio and TV ads across an extensive range of streaming audio and TV platforms, providing you with unparalleled reach and impact. Whether it’s Spotify, iHeart Radio, popular podcasts, Smart TVs, Streaming Pucks, Sticks, Dongles, and Gaming Consoles, or beyond, we’ve got your audio and TV advertising needs covered.

  • Seamless Integration
    • Your streaming audio ads seamlessly integrate between songs, capturing the audience’s attention in a natural and unobtrusive manner. This prime placement ensures optimal visibility and engagement.
  • Companion Ads
    • Enhance your audio campaign with companion ads, creating a multi-sensory experience for your audience. These complementary visuals amplify your brand message, leaving a lasting impression.
  • High-Funnel Brand Awareness
    • Streaming audio advertising is a high-funnel tactic strategically designed for brand awareness. Immerse your target audience in your brand narrative, creating a strong and memorable presence.
  • Platforms We Cover
    • Spotify: Tap into one of the largest audio streaming platforms globally.
    • iHeart Radio: Reach a diverse audience through this popular radio and streaming service.
    • Podcasts: Engage with audiences deeply invested in specific topics or genres.
  • Why Choose Streaming Audio Advertising with IAC?
    • Unmatched Reach: Extend your brand message to a vast and diverse audience.
    • Immersive Experience: Leverage the power of sound to create a captivating brand experience.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: From music enthusiasts on Spotify to podcast aficionados, we cover all the major streaming audio platforms.
  • Elevate Your Brand Presence with Streaming TV Advertising
    • Immerse your brand in the homes of your target audience with Interactive Circle’s (IAC) Streaming TV Advertising. Harness the power of video ads showcased on various TV devices, including Smart TVs, Streaming Pucks, Sticks, Dongles, and Gaming Consoles, during professionally-produced content. Our approach combines micro-targeting with advanced reporting capabilities, ensuring your message resonates precisely where it matters most.
  • The Power of Brand Awareness
    • Longer-Lasting Impression: Streaming TV advertising is proven to make a deeper impact on viewers.
    • Brand-Safe Environment: Enjoy worry-free advertising in a brand-safe digital space.
    • Optimized Creative Impact: Extract more results from your creative assets than other video ad products.
  • Precision Targeting for Maximum Impact
    • Where They’ve Been in the Past: Leverage users’ location histories for targeted outreach.
    • Demographics and Interests: Refine your audience based on demographics and interests.
    • Your Custom List of Residential Addresses: Tailor your campaign to specific residential addresses.
  • Extensive Network Coverage
    • Your commercial will be featured across the largest network of Streaming TV inventory, including:
    • Premium Content Publishers: Access content creators with a dedicated following.
    • National Networks: Connect with audiences who love and follow popular national networks.
    • Content Distributors: Partner with distributors holding rights to TV content.
    • Regional Networks: Extend your reach through regional networks.
    • Connected TV (CTV) Devices: Reach audiences seamlessly on a variety of devices, including Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation, and more.

Turn Google Clicks into Business Revenue with PPC Management Services

Want to get more leads or sales in less time? Paid Search, when run by an PPC marketing agency like InterActive Circle, can help you quickly increase leads and revenue.

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Your Paid Search Process with InterActive Circle

With a PPC campaign from InterActive Circle, you’ll get access to full-time Paid Search experts who will craft a strategic search plan that’s designed to achieve your business goals. As one of our core beliefs is transparency, here is the process you can expect as an InterActive Circle client. Every successful PPC campaign begins with research. First, we have to understand your goals and what you want to achieve. Next, we complete three phases of research.

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PPC Account Audit

If you have recent or active PPC campaigns, we’ll see what’s working, what’s not, and where there are immediate opportunities for improvement. This is a moment when many clients wished they had contacted us sooner to manage their PPC campaigns.

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Keyword Research

Selecting the wrong keywords is expensive. Great keyword research requires strategic experience, knowledge of user intent, negative keywords, and understanding your audience. We put in the work to select the right keywords from the start.

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Competitor Research

PPC doesn’t exist on an island. We’ll dive into what your competitors are doing, keywords they’re targeting, and ads they’re running. Doing competitor research will reveal PPC strategies used in your industry as well as untapped opportunities for your business.


“We have closed 10 out of 10 of the leads coming from our new line of business and the AdWords campaign you set up.
We know it’s competitive so thanks!!”

IT Director, Online Retail Company

PPC Strategy

What do you want to achieve? Increase ecommerce sales, capture more leads, grow brand awareness, upsell past customers? Whatever your goal, that’s where our PPC strategy will begin. In addition to your business objectives, we consider your budget, geography of customer and business, customer intent, and what we can learn from split testing.

Using the strategy as a foundation, we create search and/or display ads that will help your business achieve better results through split testing.

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Call Tracking

With the strategy in place, it’s critical to set up tracking correctly. For example, if you don’t track phone calls, you won’t know which keywords are increasing sales. Worst of all, you might stop a PPC campaign that’s making you money. Your PPC campaign with InterActive Circle will track every interaction people take on your website, from click to conversion. This means we’ll know exactly what’s working, what’s not, and how to quickly adjust for growth.

Your PPC report includes:
  • Campaign performance
  • Keyword performance, including which keywords converted best
  • Activity, including what we learned from split testing
  • Calls and form submissions
  • Action plan, including opportunities to seize in the next month

Contact us at 612-238-1466 to learn more about our PPC services.

PPC Testing

What do your customers really care about? Would they rather get a benefit or avoid a consequence? Would they rather receive a coupon or get free shipping? By split testing, you’ll get a much better understanding of the motivations and desires of your customers. This translates into more sales and a more efficient PPC campaign.

PPC Reports

We believe in making data-driven decisions. That’s why we provide you with a monthly, easy-to-understand PPC report that shows what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned. Most importantly, you’ll get a clear understanding of ROI and how PPC is growing your business.

PPC Optimization

Successful PPC campaigns are a process, not a one-time event. Through continually split testing ads and landing pages, we’ll continue to learn more about your customers and what works. With each test, we’ll optimize your campaign to improve its efficiency. This often translates to decreased CPC, better lead quality, and higher conversion rates.

Obtain a free audit of your website today

Request a Quote(612) 238-1466

Obtain a free audit of your website today

Request a Quote(612) 238-1466