Website Assessment

Fast and Insightful

InterActive Circle’s website assessment is a complimentary tool that performs a deep dive into the most critical components of your website like keywords, on and off-page optimization, mobile speed, etc. Get instant feedback on your site’s performance and discover where critical problem areas might be. It’s the first step in seeing how your site stacks up and determining what you need to do to generate more leads.

Our proprietary system will analyze 8 different categories that go into your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Score.
The higher that score is, the more people looking for your products and services will end up going to you and not your competition.

Your website assessment report will focus on the following key data points

On-Page Optimization

The more organized your site and the better you can communicate what you do as a business, the more likely a search engine is to direct people to you.

Page Speed Insights

The faster your webpage loads on desktop and mobile the higher your site will be ranked.

Keyword Rankings

Where you show up when people are searching for your products/services.  We’ll track the performance of your targeted keywords and look for opportunities in your market.

Off-Page Optimization

Spot 1 on page 1 is where you want to be.  The work done off of your pages is how you get there. 

Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing online and do they rank higher than you?


We analyze 30+ business directories because the more your business details are out there and consistent, the more you’ll catch customers in your backyard.


What are your customers saying about you?

Social Media

Word of mouth is starting to be replaced by sending recommendations to friends.  Are there ways to engage with your customers you’re missing? 

Assessment Dashboard

Assessment Review

Once your website assessment is complete, we’ll conduct a 1:1 review of the findings with you. The main goal of our assessment review call is to leave you with a handful of key takeaways that you can instantly implement to increase your ranks on search engines.  After our conversation, you’ll come away with insights like:

  • How you can increase your site’s security and performance.
  • How you can use your website to drive marketing qualified leads.
  • How you can consistently outperform your competition.

Over half of all media consumption is digital media consumption.  This assessment will give you a plan of action on how you can start taking advantage of that and driving more leads, more customers, and more revenue.