Strategic Campaign Development

Our Process

The IAC Strategic Campaign Development process centers on far more than just knowing the proper keywords to use. Although keywords are important, on-site elements like content and key technical factors as well as off-site elements like your website’s backlink profile and competitor analysis are just as important for SEO success. We start by digging in to truly understand your business and your objectives before kicking off your SEO campaign.


Keyword Research

Our first step in the research process is always understanding the customer: who are they and what do they want? We’ll build a profile that will act as a guide through the SEO campaign.

In addition to doing thorough keyword and competitive keyword research, we take into account the intent of the searcher. The line between someone searching to be educated vs. someone wanting to make a purchase can be thin. Paying close attention to search intent ensures that we select the right keywords to target for your site.

With an infinite number of keywords and choices, we’ll narrow down our focus to the core keywords that will be most likely to convert. We analyze keywords by gaining an understanding of your business, user intent when searching the keywords, and what competitors are doing.

Keyword research combined with other elements of SEO research are the foundation of every successful SEO campaign.


On-Page SEO Audit

No SEO campaign can be successful without an on-page audit of the current site. The on-page audit will reveal gaps in the current strategy and opportunities to capitalize on immediately. During the on-page SEO audit, we’ll analyze everything from content, site structure, page speed, technical SEO, and more.

Off-Page SEO Audit

What’s happening off-page is just as important as on-page SEO. During the off-page audit, we’ll gain an understanding of your current backlink profile, what needs to be done, and where opportunities exist.

After careful review, we’ll create an off-page SEO strategy aimed at driving targeted traffic to your site and increasing the authority of your website. All of this activity adds up to an SEO strategy that achieves your business goals.


“One important thing that we had to do was making sure people could find our website. InterActive Circle has been great with making suggestions and helping us create something that is going to be around for a long time.”

-Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Just Add Water Systems (JAWS)

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On-Page Optimization

Before we can position your website at the top of search results, we need to know what it currently needs and where the hurt is. An on-site audit will reveal gaps in content and technical issues that are holding your site back from SEO success.

Without content you wouldn’t have a website. But do you have enough content? Are you missing additional information that potential customers are searching for? Is your content thin? An on-site audit will reveal opportunities for improvement as well as which pieces of content are currently working.

Technical SEO:
Page speed matters. Even if you have great content, if your site is slow, Google and site visitors will notice. Technical SEO can get complicated, but that’s why we have a team of SEO specialists who love digging into your site’s code to improve its crawlability and doing the difficult work for you.


Off-Page Optimization

What happens off your site is just as important as what’s on it. Gaining an understanding of where your website and your competitors’ websites are being mentioned online will help us form an SEO strategy engineered for success.

Who is linking to your website? Are the sites reputable? Knowing your backlink profile will reveal opportunities to get new backlinks in the future.

Social Media:
Links on social media drive website traffic, awareness, and help to gain new backlinks. We’ll analyze your social media profiles to see what’s working well and what needs to be improved.

Competitor SEO Research:
What are your competitors doing online? Who is linking to their website and why? Understanding what your competitors are doing will reveal new SEO and backlink opportunities for your business.

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