Benefits of Internal Linking for Your On-page SEO

When businesses work to improve the strength of their website or domain, many are unsure of how to use internal links to utilize link equity in the most advantageous way. Internal links do not have the power that external links have in terms of delivering link equity, but they are crucial for conveying traffic to your website’s inner pages. The inner pages of your site that that generally attract a minimal number of visits or pages that need to be placed higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are great candidates for internal linking.

At InterActive Circle, we can help you develop and implement a powerful internal linking strategy to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results.

Creating a Healthy Internal Link Structure

The internal link structure of your website should be designed based on your specific goals. Some basic elements should remain consistent:

  • Place links in the main content of your pages
  • Retain a shallow click depth
  • Keep a reasonable number of links on each page
  • Place keywords in your anchor text
  • Ensure that every important page on your site is linked

Benefits of an Internal Link Strategy

When used properly, internal links can serve as a powerful tool in numerous ways. When you implement a consistent and clean internal linking structure, you open the door to the following benefits:

  • Increasing traffic to low traffic of high converting pages – for instance, product pages
  • Delivering more helpful content to your visitors
  • Elevating the profile of pages currently showing up on page 2 of SERPs
  • Helping Google and other search engines to crawl through your website faster
  • Enhancing your rankings for low, mid, or high search volume keywords

The internal link strategies that are implemented in an optimal way performed to important tasks. They improve user engagement metrics such as conversion rate, time on site, page views per session, etc. They also improve your SERP rankings for top priority keywords. You can maximize these benefits by with a carefully planned out and successful internal link strategy for your site.

While external links are highly important for achieving visibility and top search engine rankings, it is important to also maximize the benefits of your internal links to optimize your site for search.

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