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InterActive Circle is pleased to offer an industry-leading referral program. Are there companies in YOUR network that could benefit from our cutting-edge Digital Marketing Services?

What do I need to do? How do I refer someone?

It’s simple – Just fill out the form below or contact any member of our organization DIRECTLY and provide information & contact details about the potential client(s) you would like to refer.

WHO can I refer?

Any business you wish. If you know of a company that could benefit from our digital marketing services, then you can EARN BIG by helping them out.

Example Referrals:

  • Friends and family members who own their own business
  • Business contacts and associates
  • ANYONE in your network
WHAT do I get paid?

If you refer a new client who sings up for ANY of our services, you can elect to be compensated in one of three ways:

  • Up to$2,500 Direct Payment
  • Up to $3,500 Service Credit
  • Up to a $2,500 Donation to a Charity of your choice

*The more the merrier, there is no limit to the number of clients you can refer*

WHEN do I get paid?

You get paid when we get paid; on the 27th of the following month from when the initial payment is received.

HOW do I get Paid?

How you get paid depends on how you elect to be compensated:

  • Direct Payment: you will receive a check in the mail
  • Service Credit: the credit will be applied to your next invoice
  • Charitable Donation: IAC will make a payment on your behalf to the charity of your choice and provide confirmation that the donation was received
What if my referral, refers someone else? Are there second tier commissions?

No. Commissions are only rewarded on the “first tier” (the clients you DIRECTLY refer).

I can refer to A LOT of new clients - is there anything special you can offer me?

Here at InterActive Circle we are always happy to work on a case-by-case business with anyone who can refer a steady stream of good quality clients. If that’s you – we’d love to discuss further!

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Interested in making big cash with InterActive Circle?

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