Everything You Need to Know About Mobile PPC for Your Company

Mobile searches on Google now outnumber those made on desktop and laptop computers, and the disparity between the two continues to expand. Businesses who want to succeed in reaching their customers online must now optimize for mobile traffic when engaging in PPC marketing.

However, building a comprehensive PPC marketing strategy is complex, and must include measured results and ongoing adjustments. At InterActive Circle, we provide services to help your company maximize PPC advertising efforts.

Why is Mobile PPC Different?

Individuals utilizing a mobile phone for search often exhibit distinct behaviors than those searching on a laptop or desktop computer. For example, users may ask a simple question when conducting a search on their mobile phone, whereas a user on their PC may conduct more intensive research.

Differing behaviors between these devices means that different search engine marketing approaches should be used to produce optimal results for each device. Indeed, there are many factors to consider when targeting mobile users most effectively.

Strategy for Effective Mobile PPC Marketing

Key aspects of a mobile specific strategy include:

  • Creating a mobile-optimized site
  • Using mobile bid modifiers
  • Using mobile URLs to optimize PPC performance
  • Using mobile-preferred ad extensions

In addition, the following efforts are important for converting your mobile audience:

Determine the Value of Mobile
Assess how important mobile marketing is to the success of your business. Mobile search is growing, and sales are increasing on an annual basis from this form of interaction with businesses. You must assess the specific impact mobile has in your industry and for your business.

Adjust Your Budget to Optimize Device ROI
It is advantageous to bid higher on mobile if mobile performance exceeds the performance on a desktop or laptop. However, if mobile hinders your business, consider adjusting your bids and potentially exclude ads from appearing on any mobile devices.

Optimize the Mobile Search Experience

Optimize your ad copy so that it is effective and relatable to your mobile audience and ensure your landing pages are optimized for mobile and your call links are properly set up.

Track Phone Calls

Be sure to have a phone number on your mobile landing page to ensure you do not let any potential conversion slip through your marketing funnel.

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