Social Media

Holistic Social Media Strategy
Customized for Your Unique Business

Whether it’s organic or paid social media, InterActive Circle’s approach focuses on engaging and delighting social audiences at each stage of the customer journey. Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, our social media team focuses intently on keeping your brand on pace with the ever-changing social media landscape, ensuring that you are visible, attractive, and engaging. We help you connect with the consumers that are most important to you on an emotional level, carving out a solid, credible, and sustainable place in the minds of your audience.

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Two-Way Social Engagement

Social media is so much more than just the outbound broadcast communication channel that many brands use it for. IAC’s social engagement strategy delivers long-term results by creating conversations and engagements that solidify the personality of your brand while building credibility and satisfaction with your consumers. Our real-time monitoring and activity demonstrate the passion and expertise you have in your space while expressing authenticity and commitment to your audience.


“I would certainly suggest InterActive Circle to any company that is looking to increase their digital marketing, to increase their reach, and to have outside experts helping their business.”

-Executive Vice President, Pedal Pub

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IAC’s Social Media Building Blocks

An effective social media strategy can be a tall and time-consuming order for any size business. Planning, content, scheduling, engagement, and analytics require countless resources and can be overwhelming. The InterActive Circle social media team was built to deliver real results in a turnkey and holistic fashion that eliminates the burden for our clients and delivers consistent results. You set the goals and then we take it from there.

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Without purpose, we can never realize success. That’s why our process begins with a deep dive into your business objectives and how focused efforts in social media can deliver the results by satisfying those objectives. Our results are measurable and data-driven demonstrating true ROI for you and your business.

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IAC’s crack squad of digital content developers actively produces beautiful, engaging social content through video, imagery and copy based on the specific profile of your audience. We ensure your social brand is always interesting, relevant, and dynamic in the eyes of those most important to you.

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We drive high levels of loyalty and awareness by engaging critical influencers and advocates that appeal directly to your audience to build relationships founded on authenticity.

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Paid Social

When used correctly, social media advertising can be a very effective tactic for increasing reach and generating specific actions from your audience. We achieve paid social results and a high level of ROI by cutting out the clutter and maximizing your social ad budget with efficiency.

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Key Performance Indicators

Using IAC’s proprietary social media dashboard, we track activity throughout the social ecosystem and provide real-time reporting and insights that inform critical social media and greater marketing decisions. This approach allows us to stay fluid with the ability to pivot as necessary, focusing on the efforts that are delivering results and retooling those that are not.

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