Differences Between SEO and PPC and Which to Choose

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are well-known and cost-efficient marketing tools for emerging businesses. For many of these businesses, choosing SEO or PPC or a combination of both requires developing complex marketing strategies and measuring results.

Some factors that affect the construction of a strong marketing mix for small or medium sized businesses include:

  • Content already produced and live on your site

  • The age of your site

  • The number and quality of other sites that have linked to your site over time

These factors measure the existing trustworthiness and value of your website in the eyes of Google algorithms.

At InterActive Circle, we offer an extensive range of SEO and PPC services to help you achieve, measure, and improve online marketing results.

Why is SEO so Important?

Major search engines like Google are responsible for the vast majority of website traffic. Billions of searches occur every day on major search engines, and total daily searches on sites like Google continue to increase year after year.

Any business can benefit from increasing their exposure online, and consumer research on products and services for future purchases is conducted on search engines.


Pay-per-click (PPC) involves a form of advertising that only charges the advertiser when someone clicks on an online ad. Other terms to describe this form of advertising are “paid search” and “search engine marketing (SEM).”

Is SEO the Right Short-Term Investment?

If your company is committed to long-term high-quality content production and is on solid financial footing, you may be in a good position to utilize SEO efforts for your website. These two factors are crucial in building a successful SEO strategy, which requires long-term consistency, measuring, and adjustments.

In addition, having manpower and expertise in place to handle written content production and technical site optimization are other important considerations when deciding to embark upon a new SEO effort.

Is PPC the Right Short-Term Investment?

If you need to generate customers quickly, or if your business is of a highly seasonal nature, PPC might be the right short-term investment for you. This may also be true if you lack resources to tackle a long-term SEO strategy with technical optimization of high-quality content. In both cases, your company may benefit significantly in the short term from PPC advertising efforts.

PPC can be an ideal investment for businesses desiring to get fast results and create a cushion with growing revenue. Through systematic testing of ad messages, PPC return-on-investment can be enhanced over the course of a campaign.

Of course, both organic SEO and PPC can be used simultaneously with great effectiveness. Our experienced Internet marketing experts at InterActive Circle can help you determine the best online marketing plan based on various factors related to your business, and will design a comprehensive strategy.

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