What is Local SEO and Why is It Important for Your Business?

When you are searching for a local business to solve a particular problem, such as repairing your furnace, or replace your windows, or provide landscaping services, these days you are likely to use your favorite search engine. In all of these cases mentioned, you will likely be searching for a local business in your area.

Potential customers for your local business do the same thing. They search for a local business in your industry that offers the products or services you provide.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) involves strategies and tactics to ensure that a business is easily visible to those searching online for the products and services it offers in a local area. As a business owner, maximizing your ability to market effectively in your local area can help determine the overall success of your business.

Relevant Statistics on Local Search

Regardless of whether your business comprises a single office or hundreds of storefronts in various locations, the application of effective local SEO is crucial to drawing potential customers to your store.

The following information provided by GO-Globe offers insight into the importance of SEO and local SEO services.

  • One-half of consumers conducting a search on their smart phone visit a local store within one day. This is also true for over one-third of consumers who search tablet or computer.
  • 93% of searches results having local intent include the Google 3-pack
  • 87% of smartphone owners use a search engine one time or more per day
  • A sale occurs 18% of the time after a local mobile search
  • 60% of adults in America used tablets and smartphones to search for local service and product info
  • Local mobile searches lead to off-line purchases 78% of the time
  • One-half of local mobile searchers are searching for information about businesses, such as a local address
  • In a survey, 71% of people said they go online to determine a business location before visiting it for the first time
  • About 33% of searches made with smart phones occurred immediately before a store visit
  • With mobile ads in local listings, 68% of searchers used ‘click to call’ or ‘get directions’
  • Close to half – 46% – of all Google searches for local
  • 89% of those surveyed confirmed searching for a local business with their smart phone at least one time per week – 58% confirmed searching at least once a day
  • Local searches result in a phone call 76% of the time
  • 86% search for a business’s location using Google Maps

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