What Are Website Owners Doing to Prepare for GA4?

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Website owners are actively preparing for the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as Google’s Universal Analytics platform undergoes significant updates.
Here’s what they are doing:

Recognizing the Evolution of Analytics:

Website owners acknowledge the evolution of analytics tools and the need for an updated platform. GA4 promises predictive insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, and enhanced cross-device measurement capabilities[2].

Understanding the Importance of the Update:

Recognizing that sophisticated software can become outdated, website owners understand the significance of GA4. This update addresses changes in how website data is gathered and interpreted, aligning more effectively with the needs of website owners[2].

Installing GA4 for Historical Data:

To retain as much historical data as possible within GA4, website owners are urged to install GA4 promptly. Google plans to cease data collection for Universal Analytics on July 1st, 2023, making GA4 the sole active Google Analytics platform. Installing GA4 now ensures a smooth transition and access to archived data[4].

Navigating the Setup Process:

Website owners are actively navigating the setup process for GA4. This involves logging into the current GA account, accessing the ‘Property’ column, and selecting ‘GA4 Setup Assistant.’ The setup assistant facilitates the transfer of property details and configurations from Universal Analytics to GA4[4].

Enabling Data Collection:

For sites tagged with gtag.js, website owners have the option to enable data collection using the same tags in GA4. This involves creating a connected site tag between Universal Analytics and GA4 properties[4].

Addressing Concerns and Embracing the Update:

Despite potential inconveniences, website owners recognize the importance of getting ahead of GA4. They understand that the update not only improves user-friendliness but also enhances data analysis capabilities, leading to improved insights into website performance[6].

In conclusion, website owners are proactively adapting to GA4 to stay competitive in the evolving digital marketing landscape, leveraging the enhanced features and capabilities of the updated analytics platform.

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