Local SEO Services Producing High End Results

Local SEO is an essential service for any business with a physical location to utilize to maximize its local marketing efforts. As a premier local SEO agency, InterActive Circle has experience serving the local online marketing needs of both small and large enterprises.

Search engines place top priority on delivering local search results in response to various types of keyword queries. In addition, as increasing search volume moves toward mobile devices and voice searches, the trend with local search is destined to continue. The competition to rank at the highest position in local search results is increasing daily.

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Comprehensive Local SEO Services

At InterActive Circle, we have the resources and experience to effectively optimize your website properties for local search, effectively enabling your business to propel itself in front of prospective customers in your local area.

Our local SEO services perform the following tasks and provide the following benefits:

Local Search Optimization Plan

Develop a Strategic Local Search Optimization Plan

By examining your local ecosystem, we determine the best local SEO strategy that would help your website rank in Google Map listings and overall organic search results. We create individualized local SEO plans to optimize all your locations.

Listed on Maps

Get Listed on Google Maps, Bing Local & Apple Maps

As part of our local SEO service, we get your business listed in Google Maps, Bing Local and Apple Maps. Optimizing these listings helps achieve optimal visibility in map results.

Business Local Listing

Consistent Business Details for Local Listings

Consistency is important to search engines. Different company information can be confusing. As part of services, we ensure your business names, addresses and phone numbers (NAPs) and of course your websites are mentioned consistently across the various relevant online directories and web aggregators.

Localized Content

Provide Localized Content

We can develop substantive local landing pages that can be incorporated into an overall local SEO strategy.

Local Search Results

Monitor Local Search Results

Through our customized Dashboard, we can track the performance of your website visibility in search results and you are able to get complete transparency into all the work we perform for you month in and month out. Easily view the performance reports from Google Analytics, Google My Business, your keyword rankings and more.

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We are most definitely going to keep SEO going with you guys. Thanks again for all the hard work.

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