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SEO is more than just improving rankings and traffic. We track every aspect of your SEO campaign to provide you with a transparent report of the results we achieved.


Activity Tracking

During your SEO campaign, we’ll keep you updated on all activity we’re performing, what’s in progress, and what’s happening next. We believe in complete transparency every step of the way.

Website Analytics Tracking

Through Google Analytics, we track all activity on your website, from unique visitors to conversion rates and e-commerce activity. The analytics are then compiled into a monthly SEO report which breaks down the highlights from the previous month.



ProfileWe monitor new backlinks to your website as we help you acquire them. As a key to growing your site, you’ll know each new website that sends traffic to your website.

Conversion Tracking

Getting more traffic to your website only helps if that traffic is converting. We track form completions, phone calls, and any other potential source of conversion.

We believe transparency is important for any partnership. That’s why we make it easy for you to see the results of our work. While we track every action people take on your website, we distill the most important details into an easy-to-understand SEO report that gives you a quick glimpse of your progress

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View Your SEO Results 24/7

Want to see how your website is improving? With InterActive Circle, you can view your results 24/7 with your personalized SEO analytics dashboard.

We’re transparent because we’re confident in our work, having repeated success with all kinds of businesses. When you choose InterActive Circle, you’ll be completely aware of your results, what we learned, and how we can help you continue to grow moving forward.

Weekly and Monthly SEO Reports

In addition to giving you access to view progress at any time, you’ll receive weekly and monthly SEO reports that include additional details and strategic recommendations for growth.

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