Moving from HTTP to HTTPS: Use 301 Redirect, Says Google

Wondering about HTTPS for your website? HTTPS refers to “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure,” and several years ago, Google announced sites designated with HTTPS would receive higher rankings. These sites offer enhanced security for website visitors who provide their personal information on the sites and they enable owners to avoid potential data breaches and performance problems. All non-HTTPS sites now display a warning from Google which can steer visitors away. As a result of these changes, many website owners are utilizing 301 redirects to make the transition from HTTP to HTTPS. At InterActive Circle, we can help you enhance your online marketing efforts in numerous highly effective ways.

The Problem with Using Other HTTPS Redirect Codes

Non-301 redirect efforts such as 303 status codes may not necessarily specify a migration from HTTP to HTTPS. Due to this fact, Google may simply reprocess an individual URL on your site to evaluate what you are doing. This can slow down the migration process which can hinder your site’s performance and visibility.

Google Penalties for Using Other Redirects?

Although not a requirement, Google prefers 301 redirects. It is important that the search engine detects a clear migration from HTTP to HTTPS and notices that all URLs have been successfully transferred. If Google can detect you are performing a generic transfer, the likelihood is higher of carrying out the transfer process. In addition, Google wants to ensure you do not “no-index” pages differently, remove code or content, or change the general structure of your site or specific pages.

A common misconception is that only websites collecting user information must make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. However, sites that do not make this switch are vulnerable to viruses and malware even if no user information is collected on site. In addition, scammers can place ad content on vulnerable sites. For these and other reasons, HTTPS is highly important on today’s sites. It is important make sure you use the right 301 redirects when you upgrade.

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