3 Ways Your Small Business Can Rank Higher on Google

Navigating the digital world of today, many businesses have found the importance of online marketing and organic SEO. From blog posts, to social media advertisements, there are a variety of methods that businesses can use to make their online presence greater. With proper website optimization, any business can find great success online. So, how do you get your content seen? Here are three tips to help get you started:

Content: Produce new, quality content relating to your products or services. Reworked inner pages, blog articles, case studies, or press releases—they all can help get you seen in the eyes of Google, giving your domain more authority.

Keywords: Utilize top keywords as ranked by Google to your advantage. The more you optimize your site with highly searched keywords, the higher you will rank on Google, potentially out-ranking big box competitors. Note that Google is quite good at determining the terms that a particular page contains; there is no need to keyword stuff! You should aim for around 2-percent keyword density, meaning that only 2-percent of the words out of the total word count need to be keywords in order for Google tell what a page is about.

Social Media: Make sure your business has active accounts on all major social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and make sure you link to your social pages from the homepage of your website (If you don’t do so, the search engines might not be able to determine that the pages are associated with your business). Having an active presence on social media platforms can build your domain authority, helping Google’s learning algorithm recognize you as a quality website and rank you higher. Additionally, every post should contain a link to the most relevant page on your website, unless you happen to be referring to third-party content. This allows the search engines to better understand what a given page is useful for.

If you follow these three points, you will have a good start toward raising your rank in Google. You can start doing this o your own, but know that everything mentioned above –and more– is possible with a digital marketing campaign through InterActive Circle. Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of organic SEO, digital marketing campaigns, and data analytics relating to your success online. We work with clients from start to finish, learning how their business operates and what audiences they are trying to reach. Using your insight, we can craft blog posts, social media posts, inner page content, press releases, and video advertisements—all designed to get you seen online.

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