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How to Generate Traffic with Professional SEO Services

The days of enormous billboards alongside highways, and banners trailing behind airplanes may soon be coming to an end. As far as human traffic goes, the internet now receives a larger flood of consumers on a daily basis than any roadway could ever hope to. Because of this, many companies have begun to capitalize on the exposure they can achieve in the online marketplace.

The first methods of internet marketing came in the form of paid advertisements, visibly located on a website to reach people after they visit the page. After people became accustomed to these ads in sidebars and headings of websites, they decreased in effectiveness due to their overwhelming numbers.

In an attempt to overcome the downfalls of stagnant ads, video advertisements meant to improve attention through more interactive functionality became commonplace on most large websites. However, once those also showed a decrease in effectiveness, the next prominent forms of marketing began to revolve around gaining consumer attention before they even visited the site with search engine optimization (SEO).

Professional SEO services make use of consumers using search engines while traversing the internet. The overwhelming majority of online experiences begin with the use of a search engine, allowing more opportunities for exposure than ever before.

An estimated 85% of retailers surveyed said that search marketing, including paid placement and search engine optimization techniques, was the most effective customer acquisition tactic. Overall, SEO leads alone have a close rate of 14.6%, while outbound leads, such as direct mail or print advertising, have a 1.7% close rate.

Even smaller, more local companies have had great success with the help of professional SEO services. Rather than reaching for a phone book or a stack of Chinese menus, most people use the quicker and easier route by searching for local establishments from their mobile devices. Currently about 50% of all mobile searches are conducted to find local services, 61% of which end up resulting in a purchase.

Whether a company is a fortune 500 company or a business looking for some local SEO help, search engines can be an expedited path to generating traffic to a website. Professional SEO services could lead to more exposure than other methods of marketing ever could.