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How Search Engine Optimization can Improve Sales

In the past, the most effective marketing strategies came from large billboard advertisements, television commercials, and even sign spinners. However, since the surge of the internet, standing out in the online marketplace can spell success or failure for a company.

Whether it be from a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device, the majority of people end up researching products and services online due to the ease of use and fast results. Competing in the digital world of advertising must cater to these applications in order to get the attention of consumers. In recent years, search engine optimization companies have become a popular and extremely effective tool in creating an online presence.

The vast majority of internet users immediately head straight to Google after opening their browser; for some it may even be their default home page. With around 12 billion searches conducted in the U.S. every month, there is endless opportunity to reach users. The key is to work your way higher and higher on these search results.

By using predetermined keywords and phrases that relate to a company’s products or services, a search engine optimization company can cater the content on a page to whatever demographic the business is aiming at. Understanding how the Google algorithm functions allows SEO services to mold a webpage around it to reap all of the benefits.

An estimated 85% of retailers who participated in a survey said that search marketing, whether it be paid or SEO, was their most effective acquisition tactic. That means these methods trumped any physical or in-person advertising they tried.

Those who utilize search engine optimization techniques can expect a 14.6% close rate on sales as compared to a 1.7% close rate from outbound leads, such as direct mail or print advertising. Because a staggering amount of internet users never move past the first page of Google’s search results, moving up the ladder to the front page will offer the best chance at attracting consumers.

Some people may believe that just having an aesthetically pleasing and attractive website is enough to gain traffic; but how can users enjoy a site unless they find it first?