Google Releases New Google My Business App: Worth Installing for Local Business

As of November 2018, Google has released a new version of the Google My Business app for businesses. With the updated app, customers have access to enhanced visibility and an array of additional capabilities that signal continual advancements to come.

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The Google My Business app update was motivated by feedback from businesses and observations made by Google regarding how users were interacting with the previous app version.

New Features

According to Google, some of the Google My Business app’s new features include:

  • An enhanced business profile editor
  • An additional post button that enables creation of Google posts and uploading the photos
  • A new bottom navigation bar that allows users fast access to customer information and business profiles
  • A follow tab that reveals the business that is following if the user opts to expose their profile
  • A customer tab that shows customer information and enables interaction – it includes followers, messages, and reviews
  • A message tab that displays messages from Search and Maps. Local businesses can respond to messages inside the app
  • Real-time notifications – these include real-time notifications about followers, messages, and reviews. Google My Business analytics will also be available in a simpler, yet prominent view, and may be expanded in order to view more detail

In addition, Google has decided to call the information provided by local businesses on Search and Maps “business profiles,” instead of the previous designation “listings.”

The Future

Google views its local tools and content as a platform for engagement available to local businesses and their consumers. The updated Google My Business app provides more interactive capabilities that support this view.

Google My Business is no longer just a simple app. Google’s new vision for GMB is a comprehensive engagement platform that allows for different forms of customer engagement and reputation monitoring. This new app version is moving forward with new features in a similar manner as Google Maps has over recent years.

However, many business profiles are still unverified. It is important for marketers to claim these profiles and engage customers and prospects through Google My Business to take advantage of the platform’s capabilities such as managing reviews and online reputation.

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