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Execute a Seasonal Ad Campaign Through Google AdWords

Businesses that profit primarily during specific seasons of the year face numerous unique challenges, including hiring seasonal labor, as well as budgeting and cash flow management issues. Regardless of the prime seasonal time frame in which your business makes most of its money, our team at InterActive Circle can help you implement an ad campaign online that maximizes your profitability.

What Causes Shoppers to Participate in Your Targeted Season?

You need to understand why your buyers purchase during this prime season. Some of the reasons might be obvious, such as a holiday, or a specific day such as Black Friday. Other reasons might be more complicated.

What Is Your Customers’ Buying Process?

In the world of marketing, the concept of the buyer’s journey or a purchasing funnel is important to understand.

You can understand your customers’ buying process more clearly by asking them specific questions, such as:

  • When did you realize you needed this product or service?
  • What instigated your purchase?
  • Did you do any research before you purchased? If so, what type of research?
  • Would anything have made you purchase sooner?

What are the Starting and Ending Dates of Your Season?

If your business has a history going back a few years, you can simply pinpoint this seasonal period from impression data. Google Trends can help you get a good picture of your business’s seasonality.

How Do Conversion Rates Change Over Time?

Businesses that are seasonal in nature often have different conversion rates based on the time of the year. Individuals searching for a product usually have higher search intent. However, the data should be analyzed before assuming.

What About Your Competition?

Competition ramps up during the busy season for seasonal businesses. It is necessary to account for this increasing competition in order to accurately forecast revenue and costs. This increased competition will also increase your costs per click.

Do Retention and Repeat Purchases Change By Season?

The lifetime values of customers will often vary by season. This is something that seasonal businesses must account for in their planning and marketing efforts.

Planning and Execution

In general, if you are a seasonal business, you should begin the process of forecasting and budgeting at least six weeks prior to the busy season. Of course, the time of preparation required in each industry may vary.

Are you ready to get your seasonal Google Adwords campaigns started? At InterActive Circle, we can help you from start to finish. Contact us today to learn how.