Embedding Social Testimonials

Great testimonials about your products and services can be valuable assets to your business if properly utilized. If your customers on social media are talking about your business or your products, embedding their comments into your website and turning them into credible testimonials may well be your ticket to strengthening the trust and confidence of your consumers. Here are some social media sites that allow embedding of posts:

On your Facebook page, check out the ”Recent Posts by Others” section and click the “See All” button to search for posts that tagged your page, or posts people have made within your page. Once you find a potential testimonial, click on the timestamp below the update, and on the next screen, you will see a drop down arrow which has the Embed Post option.

It is quite easy to find a remarkable testimonial on Twitter. Use the Twitter search box to find your @business name, @username, and @product names, and input keywords like “why I love,” “use,” “like,” and “highly recommend.” You can then ‘favorite’ promising mentions of your company in tweets. Once you’re ready to add a tweet to your website, simply click the “More” link to find the Embed function.

Since it is hard to search Instagram for specific things like product reviews and testimonials, your go-to site would be Twitter. A lot of people link their Instagram posts to their Twitter accounts, so you can search for Instagram posts on Twitter. Use Twitter search and input plus the name of your business or product after relevant keywords such as “why I love/use,” “highly recommend,” and “like.”

Once you find a suitable testimonial post, click on the link that sends you to the Instagram post and click on the ellipsis (…) beside the comment field to find the embed function and copy the code to your website.

Video testimonials about your business can be difficult to find, but this should not stop you from trying. Use the search box and look for videos with the name of your business or product and attach keywords like “why I love,” “use,” like,” and “recommend.”

After checking the video and its description, click the “Share” tab and use the “Embed” option. Before you copy the embed code, uncheck the “Show suggested videos” as to not sidetrack people with related videos while watching the testimonial.

Copy the embed code to your website, and voila! Your embedded video testimonial will appear.

Be sure to check these easy sources to embed social testimonials on your website, as these are great ways to reach potential customers. Embed posts from various social media sites and market yourself to even greater heights.