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Could Local SEO Mean the End of the Phone Book?

The days of flipping through page after page of seemingly microscopic text inside a phone book may finally be coming to an end. As the internet began to expand, most people became accustomed to the instant gratification that the speed of the internet can provide. Spending an hour scouring lists of phone numbers and addresses simply doesn’t cut it any more.

An estimated 54% of Americans have completely ditched their phone book in place of local searches online. When people are searching for local results, it is most often in an attempt to find an establishment in their vicinity to make a purchase of some kind, whether it be a product or service.

Another factor that has altered the way that people conduct searches has been the surge in mobile internet use, since smartphones became the standard in mobile devices. Instant gratification from a desktop or laptop just wasn’t quite enough to keep people satisfied, so now they are able to use the internet and scour Google’s search results on the go, at any time.

What makes local SEO services so important to ranking on search results is that if people are on the go, they are likely looking to make a purchase soon. Approximately 18% of all local mobile searches lead the user to a sale within just one day.

However, even if search results aren’t leading users to an establishment within a few hours, it doesn’t mean that consumers won’t eventually find their way there. At least 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61% of these searches eventually result in a purchase. Sites using better search engine optimization techniques will likely get more local traffic.

Making use of local SEO tools can have a substantial impact on a smaller company’s business when effectively maintained. Rather than paying piles of money for giant billboards, local SEO services can lead consumers to you.