About Google My Business Categories

The importance of Google My Business categories and how they function is overlooked by many people operating in the local search industry space. According to a survey conducted by Moz on local search ranking factors, Google My Business category associations are the third top factor for local packs. At InterActive Circle, we can help you take full advantage of the power effectively utilizing Google My Business for your business.

Below are some of the actions and important features involved with Google My Business categories:

Google Continually Removes and Adds Categories

Adding and removing categories occurs within Google My Business on a continual basis throughout the year. In fact, during the first half of 2018, the search engine removed 36 categories and added 34.

Google Changes Category Names Frequently

It is important to remain aware that Google may rename a category at any time. So, if you see a new category name, it may not be a new category, but instead a name change of an existing category.

New Categories Increase Your Ranking

If you can be the first one using a new business category, you may be able to boost your rankings overnight.

Categories Appearing in Google May Not Always Appear the Same in the Google My Business Dashboard

Each category has a category name that varies based on the country, but a Google Category ID (GCID) which does not change. Sometimes Google displays the GCID in search results.

Categories are Named Differently in Different Countries

Be aware that names are sometimes used differently among countries. For example, a real estate agent in the U.S. may be referred to an estate agent in Canada.

Your Primary Category Gives You More Ranking Power

Choosing a primary category carefully is important. It possesses greater ranking weight than secondary categories. This is the initial category you choose in the Google My Business dashboard.

Having More than One Category on Your Google My Business Listing Will Not Dilute Your Ranking

The concept of theory that your ranking for a category will decrease if you select more than one category in your Google My Business listing is incorrect. Adding additional categories can increase your ranking and clicks because your business is appearing in additional related search queries.

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