5 SEO Essentials to Rank Higher with Mobile-First Indexing

Google has finally begun to introduce its mobile first index. The index was first publicized in 2016 as a reaction to a pronounced change in consumer behavior occurring over the last several years. It is important for search marketers in the current marketplace to ensure their sites are optimized for mobile in order to take advantage of the best positioning available. At InterActive Circle, we have your mobile marketing needs covered from start to finish.

Several SEO essentials mentioned below are vital for search engine optimization specialists to utilize as the mobile-first era proceeds.

Monitoring Google’s Crawl Activity

Website owners can benefit from understanding and evaluating Google’s crawl activity in greater detail – both presently and after the transition occurs.

It is possible to view how search engine bots access websites and what they find when they arrive – this is done through monitoring log file data. This type of monitoring can notify you of increased activity from smartphone users and decreased activity from desktop users. Google will conduct a test of each site and its readiness separately. The analysis can assist you in identifying and resolving any observable crawl issues.

Understand the Mobile User Pathway to Purchase

The micro-moment is essential to understand when it comes to the attention spans of users on mobile devices. You can get to the crux of what your customers are requesting by implementing intent signals into your content marketing plan.

Create Custom Content for Mobile Devices

No guarantees exist that your rankings will continually remain steady if your content is simply the same across each device. Mobile devices require content that helps users do what they need to do quickly. Achieving this goal may require the implementation of web apps with a mobile content strategy to speed up the user experience as much as possible.

Use Technical Best Practices

Best practices must be implemented in order to make superb content efficiently available in response to text or voice queries. Some of the items to be included are: Metadata, structured data, test for speed, user experience, Hreflang tags, and verifying your mobile site.

Establish a New Framework for Evaluating Conversions

Not all conversions are attributable necessarily to the last stage of the process. Much of the credit may be applied to earlier stages of the purchase process. By doing so, this significant value of micro-moments and how they bring in new customers can be realized.

If you need professional SEO services to help you with all facets of your mobile-first indexing and rankings, contact our team at InterActive Circle today.